Information Requests and Cargo Enquiry Service

For all enquiries regarding cargoes not included in this resistance list and for cargoes without resistance indications, or when deviating from maximum temperature limits, PPG PMC must be consulted before such a cargo is accepted or transported. 

Please fill out the Cargo Acceptance Enquiry form and send it, with all other relevant information; Product Data sheet(s), and Material Safety Data Sheet(s) by email or fax to: 

Fax: +31 20 407 5029

It is our aim to reply within one working day, however this depends very much on the information received. If it is not possible to give an answer based on the specifications received or the enquiry concerns new products, or products mentioned in the TRIS list but not classified we can conduct a test. For such testing, a 1 litre sample of the cargo is required.

Samples should be sent to:

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings
Cargo Enquiry Service
F.a.o.: The Product Support Manager
Kopraweg 35, Westpoort 7615
1047 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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